• I didn’t know about Beckenham Place Park, it’s lovely
    • i got on the train to think
    • got off at Ravensbourne because it had a bird’s name
    • followed the signs to Crab Hill because it had a crab’s name
    • found myself in a large big green park with a lake and a forest i’d never seen before, 15 mins from home
  • football’s coming home this evening, richard branson (the billionaire misanthropist who invented branson pickle) is going to space
  • most of my notes from this week are really depressing so i’m not going to type them up
    • one is really maudlin and worth pasting here so posterity knows the extent of my melodrama:
      • “my life is turning to fucking dust around me”
  • i’m going to activate the break clause on my flat
    • it’s a 2 month break clause
    • feels really precarious to activate it.
    • generally i can’t find flats to rent more than 1 month in advance, so i need to activate this and then sit for a month and then find something before i run out of time
    • i wonder what it’s like to have savings
  • we went to see Freaky on Thursday evening. it was better and more thoughtful than expected
  • i’ve been learning Spanish on Duolingo. I’ve competed a 7 day streak i.e. I’m fluent
  • let’s all go to beckenham place park and drink mango white claws

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