• i slept in this morning, it was great. i’m so powerful now. very comfortable getting eaten by saber tooth tigers, or being mistaken for a lettuce by a fawn
  • yesterday i was in lewisham shopping centre, where simon legg was born
    • in the Sainsbury’s I picked up a box of 12 punk IPAs they were selling for 12 pounds
    • the end of the box was open
    • i was already carrying too much stuff (mostly frankfurters)
    • a beer fell out of the box and i tried to catch it
    • i dropped everything, babybels and all
    • i went to the floor and started up cans and sausages, but they were rolling around all over the place
    • a very nice person asked if i needed help, and i said “no” and they came over anyway
    • they gave me their basket, and went to get themselves a new basket
    • and when they came back they reached under the shelves for me to grab a stray ipa that had tried to get awayTt
    • anyway: they were very kind, too kind, and i thanked them a lot but not enough. thank-you stranger
  • this week i’ve been packing and unpacking and making ikea furniture and working. work is fun at the moment. i’m looking forward to
  • when people say “it looks like it was taken with a potato” they mean it looks like a photatograph
  • there’s a pub that is literally a 3 minute walk from my bed
  • i did other things, but the only thing’s i’ve written down this week have been in my todo list

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