• Hallowtide begins
  • I was meant to go to a party in Southampton but instead I had a lie down on the sofa
  • I’ve been working too much. keep finding myself still working at 10p.m., or in Friday’s case at 9a.m.
    • I have no natural reason to stop, need to fake it some how
  • this week had not much in it.
    • i got a 1010music bluebox. made some music. it’s not very good. having a good time though.
      • i can use the little lfo device i made last week
    • i went to the office, picked up a new computer.
    • met a nice couple on the train, they sent me photos of their pasta when they got home
    • sent a couple postcards. they should arrive on monday and tuesday.
  • can’t believe it’s been a year since i made those spooky peppers and our kombucha rotted on the mantle
  • just remembered i booked tomorrow off work, and the tension i didn’t know i was feeling melted away like the perfect silence after the fusebox blows

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