Sonic the hedgehog (2020) review ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

In this movie we meet a hedgehog who has thin legs, a blue speed. It hedgehog goes to have a bag of rings on earth and wherein meets the famous police officer Donut who likes to read reddit and also be a police and have a wife who does yoga and meet the hedgehog. Not long. A evil robot man called Jim Carey comes and eats an egg and says “no soinc” and also tries to capture and kill it hedgehog, but first has to find it! Robotnik and the assistant go to the door and they ask the police who says no, but it’s yes and they go into the car who drives them both very far first to a phone beside a bar where people who go on motorbike can dance and fight with sonic. Sonic wins again and they go to San Francisco to say “nice eggs” to the man and get back the rings and send him to a world of mushrooms. Tails comes to see sonic.