fosdem 2017

on the flight back now from fosdem 2017. it was a good time, drinks were had, i tried club mate for the first time and met some fine people. i managed to miss every talk i’d wanted to see, but it was certainly worth while. last night i met a man called stu who was in brussels on his stag do, he’d fallen over the night before and smashed out his two front teeth head-butting the pavement. then yesterday morning at 8am he found his teeth on the street.

i’ll probably be joining the belfast hackerspace when i get home. one thing i’ve learnt from fosdem is that looking around and on every computer screen seeing a full screen terminal is good for the soul. it’s also soothing to be surrounded by a bunch of nerds who use computer metaphors to talk about people, and who understand that taking a computer out at a party does not mean you are not still at the party

on saturday night there was an after party at a hackerspace that was like the club scene from the start of the matrix. at any moment it seemed that someone with a white rabbit tattoo would walk in. angelina jolie was there and i admitted i’d been zero_cool all along. it was like where Hollywood thinks hackers hang out. they’ve been right this whole time

11/10 gg belgium would belg again