• late this week because i was at a rave yesterday with lots of beautiful people
  • Rowan mentioned that Alice mentioned that Matt Webb mentioned that Wikipedia mentioned the Holmes Rahe stress scale. 510.
  • i wonder how josh gadd feels about being typecast as “confident guy who nobody wants around”
  • i attended a queer art fair last sunday in peckham, it was nice
  • went for a walk and ended up at the bar outside my old flat. met Luke Blaney and a couple of people he was with called… I think… Ruth and Laura. they were nice
  • colombian food is really good
  • on tv you can kill someone by turning their head slightly to the right from behind
  • on tv a phone makes the dial tone when the other person hangs up
  • i got the place!!!! HONK HONK HONK https://chee.snoot.club/2021/09/01/1647/
  • i will have a bathtub! I must pack a bath bomb for when I go to get the keys!
  • does anyone have a hedgehog i can meet?
  • https://tribunemag.co.uk/2021/08/the-staycation-crisis

i had a lot to say this week, but i’m having a nap forever instead. i have so much packing to do, and so much napping too.

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