Merry Christmas, feliz navidad

remember that crincemince is a time for listening to snow tha product, drinking tequila and smoking cigarettes

remember that chrysalis is a time for ignoring covid symptoms and assuming they are a headcold or flu

feliz domingo baby

I continued to be sick for most of the week, but I felt better on Thursday and went to the club, but staying up late made me feel ill again. however I attended work on Friday to be in the weekly meeting, and to watch Die Hard with everyone. Die Hard was good again, though I felt a bit rough at first until I drank far too much tequila.

the club requires a lateral flow test to get in, but what that means in practical terms is that a girl texts your friend the code from the back of a lateral flow test and you register it on the government website as a negative.

here’s a picture gallery

I gave up on avoiding big tech and now have Instagram and WhatsApp and have installed the stock Pixel ROM on my phone and have a YouTube account where I’ve subscribed to Snow Tha Product’s video podcast and you know what? it’s really convenient lol. I think I’ll still avoid Amazon, but mostly I’ve given up.

This other thing that I’ve been dealing with has reached a conclusion that has given me a sense of calm and I am ready for anything now.

I have a sore ear and throat.

I got a /usr/games/catclock for the wall

OK. I’d better make my Sunday song, and then dinner. I hope you are having a good Christmas period. Feliz navidad, baby.

yeah, i’m giving up.

it was a good experiment and it lasted quite a while, but it really just makes my life more inconvenient and doesn’t do much else other than occasionally spark a conversation

i’m really just making myself feel better, but it does less active good than retweeting #freepalestine or cutting out red meat which both basically do nothing.

i look forward to being able to ask my telephone to set a timer, being able to translate text, and to being invited to the parties that are only discussed on WhatsApp

muy sorprendido de aprender que es domingo

  • i’ve been sick all week
    • that’s so common now
    • swollen throat and an ear infection (the hole in my right ear means anything that happens in either spreads to the other)
  • Christmas celebrations were making me sad. distant anytime anyone asked me what i was doing.
    • i don’t go back to the place I was born
    • made Christmas dinner the last couple years
    • don’t know what Christmas is meant to be alone in blackheath
      • but I do like Christmas
        • the idea of making the darkest and coldest days of the year the warmest and brightest
    • if i think of it as navidad instead, that frees it from the tyranny of the past
      • i’ve got a poinsettia and I’m making pozole and i’ve invited some wood and tin animals to stay
        • i live in a taqueria and that’s my business
  • if anyone wants any Chamoy Liquid hit me up, I accidentally have about 1.4 litres of it (three 475ml bottles) and want around 0ml (zero 475ml bottles) of it
  • some dude on a train handed me a note on a folded up betting sheet as I was getting off at my stop
    • I did not like it
    • it said “I Really ❤️ Your Pink Hair. text me. I’m single and ready to mingle. ahaha X” and featured a phone number and a name
    • I was wearing a beanie and sunglasses and a pink medical mask. literally none of my face was visible. they want to mingle with my hair? my large unappealing impractical body?
    • I will simply never use the train again
    • I am double and not looking for trouble
  • anyway, i hope you are well (I am not)
  • if I think of all the different meanings of the word “present” and try to hold them all at once I overheat
  • if you give British people tequila, no matter how much, they will try to drink it all as if it is a shot
  • as I get more tired, my voice becomes more monotonous, and people start to think I’m angry when I’m actually saying “lol”
  • last night on the way home I put my bank card in the ticket slot in the gate on the way into the underground and it ate it

  • sorry I’m late babes ive been at a party since 11p.m. Saturday night
  • i’m still at the party, sleeping under a desk
  • it’s funny, my week was intense and I was insane but I couldn’t be further from it now all opened up under the skylines of Enfield
  • it’s so hard to express, I wish I could, how beautiful these people are
  • honestly nobody fucks with me more whole-heartedly than Pix
  • last night, dear d, shirt off, arms outstretched “we need to open a uni”; iconic
  • sometimes when I can’t sleep I count to a thousand
    • I never make it there
    • tried to nap around 9a.m. and made it to a thousand
    • didn’t know what to do, never expected to make it to 1000
    • so I got back up
    • crawled under a table, counted to 1000, returned to the rave
  • a lovely man gave me a banana when I had anxiety in the hall way
  • tried to leave for snacks and found myself working in a temporary capacity for a small businesswoman
  • I’m going to a festival in Mexico in April to see ma gurl Snow
  • did I mention the poster? I got a snow poster
  • it says “much ❤️ from ya girl” which is great news that she’s my girl
  • anyway yeah I’m going to pal norte. flights booked baby
  • thames water effed up and my account is so in credit I don’t think I’ll pay for water a long as I live here
  • wish me luck sleeping, 1..2…3…

  • i dyed
  • my hair vampire red
    • i tried to go cotton candy pink first, but i think the cotton candy pink i got was fake.
      • conspicuous behaviours:
        • foamed up way too much, as if it was just pink conditioner
        • did not dye my hands or face skin, which is weird for manic panic
        • when i went to rinse it out with cold water it out it foamed up even more, which is not something manic panic tends to do
        • ran clear immediately at rinsing stage
        • did not dye my hair
      • compare to the vampire red i applied next:
        • did not foam up
        • dyed my entire face and hands and also my entire house almost immediately after being opened
        • did not foam up when being rinsed out
        • never ran completely clear even after being run under cold water for twenty minutes (it still hasn’t run clear after several showers and a bath)
        • dyed my hair
  • don’t worry about the panda. their name is pizza dog
  • jaja con jota
  • today i went to 7 shops trying to find coriander
    • there is no coriander in blackheath
  • we had a guest team member for a couple of weeks and it was a joy
  • ok, i have to make some music and some tacos see ya