• I got my first shot of Pfizer’s on Monday
    • the road to to vaccination was like a little treasure hunt
      • covid-19 vaccination signs from denmark hill all the way to a small building hidden out the back
    • after the vaccine we were given a piece of paper, about 1cm by 2cm, with a time written on it. i was told “Find an empty seat without paper on it, and when you leave put the paper on the seat,” before being seen into a room of chairs laid out in a checkerboard pattern
  • The vaccine really beat me up, and I had a few days off work with a sore arm and some flu symptoms
    • my immune system is already a huge mess and doesn’t need any encouragement
    • it kind of felt like when you get high for four days by eating a whole nutmeg
  • I’ve started working on a second UFO album, this one is called 🛸 I WANT TO LEAVE 🛸
  • i got my laptop back from lenovo. they replaced the top and all my stickers are gone, including many hand-made ones and a shiny PARTY HARD sticker
  • apart from that I’ve been playing fortnite, going for walks, drinking dry martinis (straight gin)
  • have a good day

  • this’ll be a short one because i only have until tomorrow to unlock the chicken costume in Fortnite and I’m still 3 levels away
  • i’ve been looking through old eating disorder-era recipe books for ideas
    • i’ve eaten a lot of bacon, egg and philadelphia
  • i smashed my laptop off a door after being frightened by a wasp
    • it’s been taken away to a Lenovo Repair Centre, which appears to be administered by IBM??
  • found this in my notes: “album idea: texas school book depository”
    • there are no further details
      • however it is a good idea
  • there was a mouse just sitting on the bathroom floor, completely still
  • three asterisks in a line is called a dinkus ***
  • i’ve been kind of sick for days, maybe just getting used to the new diet
  • i’m getting vaccinated tomorrow
  • ok, i gotta go drive from durr burger to pizza pit

  • trigger warning: diet, weight, eating disorders
    • it was 2017 when i last lost a huge amount of weight. i lost about half my weight.
      • i used keto
      • eventually i realised, sometime in 2018, that thinking about food all the time and counting calories in an app was disordered
        • i’ve struggled with bulimia in the past, and various other mental and dietary issues
          • i was sectioned a number of years ago, so i try to be careful about cultivating new and interesting disorders
      • i decided to stop dieting, to let myself gain weight and not feel bad about it
      • i have a blood test from 2018 which shows my blood sugar was fine
      • so now i know that giving myself a break has literally given me diabetes
      • and the way to live with diabetes is to go on a diet almost identical to keto
      • what an exciting new challenge
      • what a depressing, yet thematically sound, series of events
  • i’ve been sick most of this week
    • physically
    • though mentally i am not doing well
      • i am not looking forward to the next part of my life
      • i don’t know how to cook for myself without rice
      • i don’t know how to be alone
      • sometimes i have this warm and comforting daydream where i die in my sleep
  • i set up backups on my laptop and the snoot.club server this morning
    • i’m using borg
      • because fox told me to
        • basically borg and restic is where the deduplicated encryption backup stuff is at Foxboron

      • it is a cool piece of software though
  • i was going to look into adding a gutenberg sidebar for the indieweb Post Kinds wordpress plugin this weekend, but instead i closed my laptop and had a lie down
  • i bought the Besley* and Jost* variable fonts from indestructible type* for my weblog
    • Jost* is the variable futura of my dreams
    • here is another great font: https://www.dafont.com/w95fa.font
      • i’m using this as my system font at the moment. it looks great.
        • screenshot of my computer showing a retro windows-like theme.
  • remember when they reanimated bob monkhouse’s ashen corpse so he could appear in an advert on terrestrial television

  •  released unidentified
  • i first read about “alt+tab” in a physical paper book called something like Windows 95 Tricks & Secrets
    • i ran over to my computer, which was running the Windows 98 beta that I got given on a secret CD
      • my father obtained it through his contacts in The Industry
      • i lent it to 1 of 100 english army boys called Matt who lived down the street
        • i don’t believe i ever got it back
    • i actually remember the feeling, it was like “how many more are there like this?”
    • i’d uncovered a secret interface
      • maybe i’m embarking on a new journey where i would learn hundreds more
      • i’m just now lighting my torch in this dark cavern
    • there were exactly 0 more
  • on Wednesday abe and me got tacos in a real life restaurant
    • it’s called DF Tacos
      • they do really good tacos
        • i really like tacos
  • i don’t really remember the rest of the week
    • photo of chee rabbits wearing a calyx t-shirt
      i got this calyx institute t-shirt
    • you know, they run a free vpn and a free xmpp server
  • i have a vaccine booking for early june
    • they’re going to inject me with 5g and make me a magnet
    • i wish i could choose which vaccine i’m getting
      • i want the russian one
        • it’s one and done
      • or one of the cuban ones
        • one of the cuban ones is a spray that goes up your nose
        • help them out
        • let’s move to cuba
          • Dr Gerardo Guillén, who heads up development of two vaccines at the Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology, is a chocoholic who has had to do without his favourite fix for over a year (there is none in the shops). His £200 a month salary is a hundred times less what he could earn abroad.

            “We do have offers,” said Dr Mitchell Valdés-Sosa, “but we prefer to stay because we feel a commitment to the development of our country. We’re not working to make some chief executive obscenely rich; we’re working to make people healthier.”

          • like wtf
    • the thing i remember to comfort me that they aren’t going to inject me with 5g and make me a magnet is that if they really wanted to get something inside me they would simply put it in the water supply
  • anyway i need to make coffee now. please enjoy unidentified
    • if you listen with your eyes closed it’s the 14 minute first half of a story of first contact
      • musically speaking, i mean. it’s not like a word story. just pure vibes

  • On Monday i talked to the doctor about parts of my body going numb (peripheral neuropathy)
    • They were a little mocking and weird about it when i asked if it could be diabetes (because it seems to happen when i eat stuff that would raise my blood sugar)
    • They issued a blood test
    • Abe collected it on his way home, also bringing taco ingredients
    • My body hurts
  • most meals this week have been tacos
  • in this clip from True Detective, when McConnahuey says “Again, and again, forever” he has Simon Legg‘s exact mannerisms and facial expressions
  • added indieweb features to my blog
    • it turns out there’s a bunch of wordpress plugins for indieweb
    • and i don’t have to do any work to support things like Webmentions
    • and there’s a theme that adds a bunch of semantic html to post types. it’s amazing
      • i’ve forked that theme; “rabbit sempress” is what i’m using here
    • i informed my RSS subscribers that the feed may get more noisy
    • and now i can replace Telecam and chee.snoot.club/audio with wordpress lol
      • also if i ever stop being a weirdo about social media then i can feed those RSS feeds to stuff like Twitter and Instagram
    • using “post own site, syndicate elsewhere” (POSSE) turns social networks into nodes
      • i post something on my blog, it gets syndicated to Twitter
      • you like it from your site. the like gets syndicated to Twitter
      • the like is then picked up by something like Bridgy which sends a Webmention to my blog
      • Our nodes have used Twitter as a node to communicate
      • Social networks no longer the network, now nodes on a wider network: the web
  • On Tuesday, I had the blood test
    • the person said “I am a student: is it OK if I take your blood?”
  • PSA: You should stop using AWS in your personal projects
  • Abe woke up in the middle of the night and said
    • “Hello! I’m looking at the lights– Not the lights but the reflectives. They store the energy???”

    • and then went back to sleep
  • On Thursday I got my blood results
    • My average blood sugar has been over twice as high as the top-end of “normal range” for at least a month
    • screenshot of a photo of a woman eating salad captioned "Type 2 Diabetes Prompted This Woman ot Give Up..."
  • On Friday night we opened booking.com and filtered “Greater London” by “has bath” and booked the first result
    • We’re in Harrow now
    • It’s cute here
    • We got a bunch of bath products like radox, and bath bombs, and bubble bath and a bunch of masks (face, eye, hair, boob & bum)
      • i am so clean


  • This is a great read: https://github.com/dekuNukem/bob_cassette_rewinder
    • epic v apple is exciting
      • google v oracle went quite well
        • it’s annoying to have to wait around until some rich prick decides to pick a fight
  • it’s strange that the mac app “Preview” is called “Preview” and not “View”
    • pre- what?
    • what happens next
  • we spent all day yesterday playing Detroit: Become Human
    • one of the branch nodes is named KARA BECOMES DEVIANT
    • my ps4 controller’s sticks were drifting so i poured alcohol into them and squeezed them and spinned them around
    • so many problems can be solved by pouring alcohol on them
  • working on an album of ufo music
  • keep starting and stopping projects over the last few weeks. can’t seem to keep to one thing
    • think it would be helpful to know when i’m going to die
  • we’re in the park today. it’s cloudy and nineteen degrees.
  • im sleepy
  • it feels like things could get better, doesn’t it? feels weird


  • i attended a book launch for joanne mcneil’s Lurking.
    • it was hosted by archive.org.
    • brewster kahle was in the chat telling joanne to get her publisher to sell archive.org the book so they could lend it
    • i haven’t read the book yet because i’m still reading the deficit myth
  • i listened to the song wounded by the cookies a lot. it’s on our morning sunshine pop playlist. it’s really good
  • when the first gulf war began the bbc banned 69 songs including Blondie’s Atomic and Boom Bang-a-Bang by Lulu
  • we went to Westfield on Saturday. it was really busy, but we had a good time.
  • we bought a pretty mancala set from flying tiger and after lunch we played a few rounds on a grassy knoll

I spent some time this week reading about twitter’s bluesky project trying to understand why jack wants Twitter to be a client of a decentralized social media protocol.

At first I thought: Jack doesn’t want to be responsible for speech, he wants to surf. He’s banking on Twitter remaining the primary interface for most people and hoping the network will take care of moderation and he won’t be phoned by senators anymore saying “why haven’t u blocked alex jones yet”

But after reading one of the articles bluesky links to,

I think Jack wants the new protocol to be based on the blockchain. He likes bitcoin. So does Square, Inc. (https://twitter.com/jack/status/1108487911802966017).

This would help with his moderation problem, and his monetization problem. Interfaces earn bitcoin for having users, users earn bitcoin for retweets, that drives up the price of bitcoin and jack gets rich while he surfs.

Maybe it would be something less rainforest-burny like FileCoin or whatever. I’ll bet Bitcoin is jack’s preference, but it doesn’t even matter if it’s a brand new currency. jack would instantly have a huge amount of it, and its value would skyrocket.

 I hope I don’t think about it anymore this week.

  • We went Geocaching® yesterday. Drank some cider in the park. Good dogs out. Smoky Bacon Cow, Horace, Margaret the Carpet, Little Sausage.
  • I’ve forked this notetaking app, it’s great but i want more.
  • Cuba has created at least two potentially viable vaccines, because they knew they wouldn’t be able to afford to compete with richer countries to buy them.
    Cuba needs syringes. It can’t trade easily because of USA, and it is currently not making much money from tourism.
    Donate here to help: https://www.support-vaccination.org/
  • We found a lovely online café nearby that does gluten free brunches delivered in lovely boxes

I’ve been sick all week, and now Abe seems to have got whatever I’ve had. It’s a really annoying fever-y thing.

Last night I had a dream where I was working on a garden with somebody from work. We were laying bricks and digging holes at the bottom of a residential hill. There were other people from work beside us working on different gardens. I looked up, there was an aeroplane flying overhead. It seemed to be hanging heavily to one side, and I saw steam or smoke escaping from areas other than the exhausts.
“is that okay?” i asked
“yeah, i think that’s normal” said my colleage
“i really don’t think that’s OK,” i thought (and didn’t say)
Then the aeroplane swung dramatically to the right, up to the top of the hill. It was coming down at us very fast now, parts of it breaking off and nearly hitting folks who jumped out of the way at the last moment.
I looked over at my colleague, who was looking but didn’t seem to have registered that we were going to die. Then I looked back at the aeroplane and woke up.

no reason to read into it